Anthem Board Increases Fees for Property Owners

by Bob Richards on October 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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Anthem has increased its fees for property owners, which includes homeowners, to balance its 2014 operating budget.

The Anthem Community Council board of directors unanimously approved the budget Oct. 23. Anthem officials say the increase shores up next year’s $8.6 million budget.

“We go through a very thoughtful and thorough budget process,” said Holly Matson, a director.

A large amount of the funds, about 52 percent, will be placed in the Anthem community reserve, Anthem officials said. The community has not increased the fees for its 10,000 homes for more than seven years.

The council oversees common community assets such as Anthem Community Park and the Anthem Community Center. Each property owner in Anthem shares the cost of upkeep and services.

This article was originally published at AZ Central. Read the full article here.

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